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Our lab is a playground for scientists from different backgrounds bound together by the common interest of understanding regeneration and its evil twin, cancer. 

Our goal is to provide talented individuals with support, resources, flexibility and understanding, to ultimately help them become global scientific leaders.

In our lab, exploring is encouraged, challenges are mandatory and failing is the only way to move forward. 


On a personal level, we are aiming to be a diverse group, with different ethnicities and philosophies, and with a passion for sharing. If you're weird, here you'll find a home. If you're unique, here you'll find a group of peers. And if you're a bit crazy, here you'll find the opportunities that you need to break out.


Our goal is to give you the raw materials for you to build something truly game-changing.  

Here, we play games, we have fun, and we science it out.

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Alejo Rodriguez Fraticelli, PhD

Group Leader

Our fearsome leader. The lab head.


Alejo has been working on development, regeneration, and cancer, in epithelial and blood cells, for more than 15 years. But cancer is still rampant, and humanity is still aging. So yeah, he thinks there's still a lot of work to be done.


Outside the lab, Alejo's into making music (mostly drumming), craft beers, pizza, role-playing games, and nerding out in general.

Click here for Alejo's CV webpage 

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Indranil Singh

PhD Student

A grad student making sense of his experiment!!!

Indra has done his master's at Ben-Neriah lab at Hebrew University, focusing on the mechanisms of small molecule kinase inhibitors in pre-clinical AML models. Now, Indra is working on deciphering epigenetic heterogeneity as the mechanism of therapy resistance by drawing parallels to events happening in adult hematopoiesis.

Outside the lab, he is curious about the vastness and strength of nature, the stars, and the cosmos. He is inspired by life-forms continuous evolution, and in the end, though it's fascinating how one has evolved, what fascinates him more is what possibly one could be tomorrow? Amazed by how minuscule yet how important a being is on a universal scale, he wonders about life.


Luis C. Rodríguez Escudero

PhD Student

Luis graduated as a Biologist at the University of Granada. He worked on targeted therapies based on immunological nanovectors for the treatment of breast cancer. Then, he got a Master in Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona and his thesis work was on characterizing the role of MAPK pathway in regeneration and tumorigenesis.  


In this lab Luis is researching how leukemia arises and how to counteract leukemic stemness properties to revert therapy-resistant AML.

In his free time, he stimulates his mind by eating, climbing, reading Bukowski, and listening to timeless folk music.

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Elvira González Saiz

Lab Technician

Elvira got a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology at the Politecnical University of Valencia and specialized with a Masters of Biostatistics at the University of Valencia. Then she worked at the Medical Research Institute of the Hospital La Fe (Valencia) on computational splicing data analysis.


In our lab, Elvira is researching mechanisms of epigenetic memories through single-cell sequencing tools.


She loves cooking, hanging out with friends on beers, wines and artistic activities. She is also beginning to become the best chess player (in the lab).


Anna Adrover

Lab Manager

Anna Adrover has more than 25 years of experience as a lab technician and assistant. She has participated in international projects related to glycogen metabolism, placing a special emphasis on its alterations in diabetes, obesity, and Lafora disease. Recently Anna has joined the Quantitative Stem Cell Dynamics group led by Dr. Rodríguez-Fraticelli so she is starting a new trajectory in fields like stem cell biology, regeneration, immunity, cellular plasticity, and relapsed-resistant cancer.


Outside the lab, Anna generally likes doing sports, particularly hiking, besides attending oenology events. Moreover, she is passionate about cultural activities such as cinema and performing arts.

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Marta Lopez Osiás

PhD Student


After obtaining her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology, Marta performed a Master’s in Biomedical Research and gained experience over two years in genetics, metabolism, and molecular biology.


In the lab, Marta is working to unveil the origins of hematopoietic stem cell memories by developing innovative lineage tracer and DNA recorder tools.

In her free time, you will find her driving her car or having some beers with friends.


Pedro Sanchez

Lab Technician

Personified emoji. The Statistical Bioinformatician… if it does exist :P


Pedro started his scientific path by studying a BSc in Biotechnology and continued it with an MSc in Biostatistics. He is curious about cell dynamics and the gene expression programs that direct them. Therefore, he approaches biological systems by analyzing high-dimensional data through the lens of statistical learning. In between modern Biology and Statistics is where he feels more passionate.

Pedro likes watching Formula1 or doing sports, like cycling or running. He will always find time for deep conversations and coffee!






Our lab just started! There are currently no alumni.

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